Jaimie Ehling


Jamie Ehling is an avid bodybuilder, competitor, and father of 4. He was a union Ironworker for 16 years before he began his journey as a full-time business owner. He loves finding unique, old school equipment that isn’t found in your every day gym. Every piece of equipment at Big Iron Gym was hand selected by Jamie himself! He hopes that the Big Iron Gym community inspires others to set BIG goals, and to never sell themselves short.

Laura Ehling

OWNER / COACH (@lauraaehling)

Laura Ehling is a mother and a full time business owner. Before opening the gym with her husband Jamie, she owned and managed two coffee stands in Snohomish County, one of which she still owns. She worked as a certified doula from 2015-2020, providing postpartum and childbirth support to families welcoming new babies. Laura is also a competitive bodybuilder and loves the inspiring and motivating community that has developed at Big Iron Gym.

Justin Nejbauer

COACH (@justin_nejbauer)

Justin got his start in the fitness industry at a young age as a fitness model. Having worked with numerous companies including Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, Justin always had to be mindful of his diet and training to ensure he was bringing the best possible look to shoots.

While in college, Justin studied nutrition to further his knowledge of proper eating to give himself as much of a competitive edge as possible when it came to preparing for shoots.  The results he saw once he began to implement a proper diet were so dramatic that he quickly outgrew a mainstream body type, and no longer could get work with the sporting companies he worked with previously due to being too muscular. Justin decided to continue growing, and to pursue a career in the bodybuilding industry.

Justin has always maintained an aesthetic physique, but what separated him from the rest in his competitive career was his physical strength. In 2018 Justin won a national title, beating out some of the strongest athletes in the world. He has been sponsored by numerous top level companies, and has traveled all around the country for various sponsorship obligations.

Nowadays Justin just focuses on maintaining an aesthetic physique, but also balancing that with real life and everything that comes with it. He no longer worries so much about his results, but rather the results of those he coaches.

No matter your goals, Justin has experience with it. Having coached hundreds of people in his career, he has seen just about anything and everything. With numerous client first place finishes in competition, multiple 100+ lb transformations, and countless lives changed, you can be rest assured that you are working with one of the best in the industry. Justin prides himself on not having a one track approach. There are multiple avenues to the same destination, and it is his goal to find the best one that works for you!

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