Hear what our members are saying about our gym! All quotes taken straight from 5-star google reviews of our gym!


UNIQUE Gym Expierence

“If you’re into bodybuilding this place is Mecca. So great going to a place that focuses on what’s important and not trying to imitate other globo-gyms. The staff is friendly and the equipment is exactly what I need (and more). It’s also really refreshing to hear music that’s being controlled by the staff and other customers at the gym! Sometimes I take my headphones off and they’re playing exactly what I’d be listening to anyway! What a revolution!


“Amazing atmosphere for lifting and fitness, amazing lights amazing machines and free weights. Incredible employees and the best gym I have ever been in.”

“Super cool gym ! Great owners. If you want to get jacked and you’re in the area this is the gym you want to be at! Jamie and his wife are great people!

“Great Place! Friendly, welcoming, and folks are there to get in their work. Terrific atmosphere if you are serious about training.”

“Dope vibe! You can train with your shirt off! They support your fitness goals and they are quick to give advice!”